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Storm Drain Cleaning | Hydro Grease Jetting | De-scaling Cast Iron

Storm drain cleaning and high velocity jetting service in Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, San Carlos Park and Estero, FL. Call (239)567-9933 Now.

It takes a little more than your traditional plumbers snake or a rental tool offered at your local big box store to properly clean large drains or sewer lines with heavy build up. This is a case where the right tool is exactly what is needed. Our Harben 4018 hydro jetter is one of the largest trailer jetters here in Southwest Florida. It produces 4000 psi at 18 gallons per minute. With this kind of power, it will make short work of clogged storm drain lines up to 18 inch in diameter. It is also equipped with 700 feet of hose. The powerful jets on this machine propel the hose through your sewer or large drain with just water pressure. While many companies offer high velocity jetting, most do not have a powerful enough machine to truly de-scale cast iron or effectively clean large storm drains.

The right sized hydro jetter could save you money. 

     Hydro jetters are basically just large pressure washers with high pressure sewer hose and heads to propel it through a drain line.  Cleaning stuck bubble gum from your driveway with our Harben would be overkill. On the other hand, cleaning a residential mainline with an electric jetter is just not enough.  With that said, pricing in Southwest Florida for High velocity jetting can very from several companies. It is important to know the size and flow of the machine they are quoting you before you make a decision. We have two high velocity jet machines. Our smaller unit produces 4000 psi at 4 gallons per minute. This hydro jetter is much cheaper than our large unit but is not as capable depending on what you need. Not all jetters are created equal and neither is the price. If you describe the problems and sizes of the lines you are needing cleaned, we would be more than happy to quote you the proper hydro jetter to solve your problem.

Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain is a family owned and operated plumbing and Drain Service operating in Southwest Florida. We are available 24 hours a day for those emergency plumber situations and offer 100% no obligation free estimates. We employ the finest most experienced plumbers in Ft Myers, Naples and Estero, FL. We use the latest technology to aid in our diagnosis, such as sewer video cameras, digital plumbing line locators and electronic leak locators.

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Add a Pump to Your Water Heater for Instant Hot Water Showers

It’s a cold morning.  You wake up, get in the shower, and turn the water on…the freezing cold water.  You wait and wait patiently (since your shower is unfortunately the furthest from the water heater) until you finally feel the warm water coming out of the shower head.  Wouldn’t it be your lucky day if hot water instantly came out the minute you turn the handle?  Well, this dream can become reality with the Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System.  As a local plumber in Naples, Fl, many of my customers call requesting information for a cheap, quick fix for how long it takes the hot water to get to their shower.  I completely understand the concern.  There was not a quick, cost effective answer to this common plumbing repair call until the Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System became available a few years ago.  This product will reduce the cost of fixing this problem in half, or more, depending on who you use for your plumbing services.

Water Heater Pump
The Watts Instant Hot Water Heater Recirculating System

The old way was labor intensive and costly.

In the past, the only way to get hot water instantly at all faucets was to install a recirculating loop from the furthest water source to the water heater; then install a pump on that line.  This would transfer the cold water from the loop and replace it with hot water from the water heater.  The problem with this is usually only very large homes would have a recirculating loop installed and is only cost effective while the home is being built.  Most people don’t realize they need it until after the home is built and occupied.  Installing a recirculating loop after a home is built can be very costly.  If you are building a new home, I still think adding a recirculating loop and pump is best.  This product is for the homeowner who would like to add a recirculating pump to an existing home.    This product does not require a recirculating loop amd is less expensive.

So how does it work?

The pump is installed on the hot water side of  water heaters.  It has a built in timer so you can set it to run at times you will need instant hot water or you can set it to run twenty-four seven.  The kit includes a thermal sensor valve.  This valve is installed under the sink of the furthest away bathroom from the water heater.  When the pump turns on, hot water is pumped from the water heater to the installed thermal sensor valve.  The sensor valve opens, allowing the cold water winthin the system to return to the water heater through the cold line.  The cold water is then replaced by hot water from the pump.  When the sensor valve reaches 98 degrees, it closes.  Basically, the thermal sensor valve allows us to use the existing cold water pipe as the recirculating loop back to the water heater.

Can this system end up paying for itself ?

Yes, in time this properly installed system should reduce the cost of your water bill.  Each home has roughly 125 feet of pipe.  This pipe holds roughly three gallons of water.  If the hot water is run five times a day, fifteen gallons of water is expelled to the drains without use waiting for the hot water to arrive.  In time, it could end up paying for itself through savings.

Benefits of adding this to your home.

  • Significant cost savings over adding a recirculating loop
  • The water is returned to the water heater, not wasted down the drain
  • No more waiting for hot water
  • Costs just five cents a day to operate

More information can be found on the manufacturers website at .  If the advantages of this system interest you or you would like a free estimate to install this system, please call Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain LLC.  We are a plumbing and drain service located in Southwest Florida. Our plumbers in Estero, FL cover Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, and San Carlos Park, FL. We also have an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day.

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Clogged/ Backed Up Gutter Downspouts & Pool Deck Drains

Do plumbers service clogged or backed up gutter downspouts and pool deck drains?  Yes, your local Fort Myers, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, and San Carlos Park, Florida plumbers can service these clogged drains.  When homes are constructed, the landscapers or other site workers install the gutter and pool deck drains.  When it comes time to clean or unclog these drains, it can be a bit confusing on who to call.  It takes a little more than your average plumber with a pipe wrench to repair these sort of clogged drains.  You need a company that specializes in clogged drains and has the equipment to properly diagnosis and repair these drains.

What May Be Clogging Your Gutter and Pool Deck Drains?

Unlike a sanitary sewer that your toilet flows through, no toilet paper or other solids flow through your pool deck or gutter drains.  What could possibly be clogging these drains?  After countless video camera inspections and drain repairs, I can tell you there are a lot of leaves, foreign debris, tree roots, and roofing granules clogging these drain lines.

Tree Roots Invading Your Pool Deck and Gutter Drain System.

A majority of your pool deck and gutter deck systems were constructed using a corrugated, landscape piping.  This piping is very thin.  It usually has holes in it to allow ground water to enter it throughout its entire length.  It also requires no glue or seal of any kind to join it.  It is usually buried shallow, less than two feet deep.  At this depth is where a majority of palm roots will be actively growing or searching for water.  The type of trees and shrubs you have growing in the area of your landscaping pipe , could be a disaster waiting to happen.

In this photo, you can see just how many palm roots were removed from a gutter storm drain system.
In this photo, you can see just how many palm roots were removed from a gutter storm drain system.

What Can Be Done to Avoid These Common Clogs or Problems?

If your problem is tree roots entering your landscape piping, this can be solved by installing  better and stronger PVC pipping in the area where these trees or bushes are growing.  If your problem is leaves or roofing granules, regular maintenance and cleaning of your gutter drain and pool deck drain systems should avoid possible clogs.  We recommend having your system cleaned or inspected annually.  A simple clogged gutter or pool deck drain can eventually result in water pooling at the foundation of your home, resulting in even a larger and more costly problem.

This storm gutter drain system was upgraded to PVC piping due to the large palm trees located in this front yard.
This storm gutter drain system was upgraded to PVC piping due to the large palm trees located in the front yard.

If you are in need of any of these plumbing services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are your premier plumber in Estero, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and San Carlos Park, Florida.  We have the drain cleaning equipment, such as sewer video cameras, digital sewer and drain line locators, and large root cutting sewer snakes.  This equipment works well with clogged/ backed up gutter and pool deck drains, as well as sanitary sewer clogs within your home. We offer 100 % no obligation free estimates and 24 hour emergency plumber service.

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Caring for your aging water heater| average life expectancy

Tips for caring for your water heater.

When was the last time you thought about or even looked at your water heater?  If your like most of your neighbors you could probably write your name in the dust accumulating on the top of your water heater.  Don’t feel bad, it shocks me how many people don’t even know where their water heater is located.  We often take for granted the hot water that instantly comes to our faucets until the day or night it stops.  This could be avoided with some TLC or recognizing when your water heater has fulfilled it’s life expectancy.

This is a quality installed Water Heater in Estero, FL, No flex lines were used, electric is hardwired and it is equipped with a pan.
This is a quality installed Water Heater in Estero, FL, No flex lines were used, electric is hardwired and it is equipped with a pan.

If you set aside some time to care for your water heater you can greatly improve the chances of getting your money’s worth from it.  Your average water heater sold today only comes with a six year tank warranty for a reason.  Without proper care, poor installation and water quality could have you replacing water heaters quit often.  Over time, your water heater will slowly fill with scale build up.  This scale build up is mostly calcium but hardens up at the bottom of your tank like a bunch of rocks.  This scale build up can make your water stink, reduce the holding capacity of the tank, burn out lower elements and make the water heater very difficult to drain.  How can you avoid this build up?  Flushing your water heater every year is the best way to avoid scale build up.  If your water heater will not drain, it is most likely too late.

What to look for when inspecting your water heater?

The first step is to identify what type of water heater you have and it’s location.  There are tankless water heaters, electric, and gas conventional water heaters.  The location of the water heater is important and can determine how long you may want to wait to replace it.  Water heaters located in attics, multilevel condos, and water heaters located in living space areas pose a much greater risk to flood damage, thus you may want to consider replacing the water heater sooner than later.  A water heater installed in the corner of your garage is a reduced risk to flood damage, so you may be able to extend the life of the water heater without major damage.  On average it is a good idea to replace your water heater when it reaches the age of ten years old.  This may be a bit early for the garage installation but on time for the attic install.  How your water heater looks will help you decide.  The outer portion is just a skin that holds the insulation.  Since it is difficult to inspect the actual tank, you must base your evaluation on connection points and the outer skin.  Look for obvious leaks or rusted spots (which indicates a leak).  Look for burn marks or electrical arching around the thermostat covers.  Remove any debris from the water heater pan and look for moisture here.

These flexible supply lines are allowed by local code. They save plumbers a lot of time and allow for a cheaper installed price. I recommend paying more for hardpiping. I had to replace the leftside hose after only 2 years.
These flexible supply lines are allowed by local code. They save plumbers a lot of time and allow for a cheaper installed price. I recommend paying more for hardpiping. I had to replace the leftside hose after only 2 years.

Most premature water heater failures are a result of  a poor or quick installation.  Water heaters with flexible supply lines like the ones used on your faucets is a sure sign your plumber was in a hurry.  These flexible supply lines do meet minimum local code and are allowed to be used but frowned on by most quality plumbers.  If I would never install my own water heater with these flexible supply lines, I most certainly would not be using these on professional job sites.  Remember, you get what you pay for, the cheaper price usually comes with inferior parts and a plumber racing a clock.

Who can install my water heater?

Protect yourself and property by hiring a licensed and insured plumber in Estero or Naples, Florida.  Although your handyman may be capable of installing a water heater, they are not insured to install a water heater.  A product failure or installation error will not be covered by the handyman’s  insurance.  In some instances, a permit may be required.  You can call us directly for permitting questions.  Many multifamily homes in Collier County and installs larger than 50 gallons do require a permit. The electrical service to  water heaters in Naples, Ft Myers, Estero, San Carlos Park, and Bonita Springs, FL now require hard piping or an electrical whip to pass inspection. The old cords you could  plug in like a dryer are no longer allowed and will fail inspection.

     Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain is your premier plumber in the Estero area for all your water heater needs, clogged drain cleaning issues, camera inspections, backflow testing. Day or Night, a 24 hour emergency Estero plumber stands ready to answer your call.

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A Toilet is a Toilet, So Why Pay More?

Whoosh!  Aren’t all toilets the same, capable of flushing down waste?  Walk inside your local home improvement store and you will discover there are more options in the toilet department than originally thought (a toilet is a toilet, right?).  Should you go with the cheapest one?  Maybe the middle of the road priced one?  Or should you upgrade to the king commode?

Your toilet will be used every day, several times a day.  There are some key features to look for when purchasing a toilet.  First, look for a larger trap way.  The trap way is the pathway your waste must follow to exit the toilet.  Cheaper toilets will have 1 7/8″ trap way, while better quality toilets will have 2 3/8″ or larger trap way.  The larger and smoother the trap way the easier it is for the waste to travel through the toilet.  Another feature to look for is a larger flush valve.  Standard size flush valves are 2″ in diameter.  Larger flush towers or flush valves are now 3″ or larger.  Toilets do not use as much water as they used to.  Toilets before 1994 use 3 1/2 gallons of water or more per flush.  They now use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.  A larger flush valve will allow more of this water to flush with your waste.  This in combination with a larger trap way will reduce clogging.  Finally, look for ADA, handicapped or chair height toilets, which is around three inches taller than your average toilet.  These toilets have become popular for the comfort and ease of accessibility.


This is a cross section view of a standard toilet.  It has a two inch flush valve and a normal flapper.  These toilets can range in price from $69 up to $199 at your local home improvement store.  This is the most common toilet us plumbers will run into today, so our trucks are fully stocked to repair these.

Kohler class 5

This is a picture of the tank of a Kohler Class 5.  This toilet has a three inch flush valve and a larger trap way than your standard toilet.   These toilets will cost more and the repair parts may not be on your plumber’s truck.  These toilets range from $199 and higher.


This is a picture of a pressure assisted toilet.  These toilets are loud, but virtually impossible to clog.  If you live in a condo or town home, you may want to exclude this toilet from your choices.  This toilet traps air in the water pressure inside the vessel and releases it, creating a loud, powerful flush.

Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain recommends the following toilets: the Toto Drake, the American Standard Champion, the Kohler Class 5, or the pressure assisted toilet.  If you are experiencing problems with your current standard toilet (like the top picture above), you can try thinner one ply toilet paper, like Angel Soft or Scott’s.  If you want to use the thicker Charmin or Double Quilted Northern, you may consider upgrading your toilet.  Please call your local Fort Myers or Naples plumber with any of your toilet repair questions or toilet installation needs.  Also, visit our Naples Toilet Repair & Installation page for more information on toilets and toilet clogs.

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