24 hour emergency clogged sewer and drain cleaning in Fort Myers, Naples, Estero and Bonita Springs, FL.

Experiencing a backed up sewer or drain can be frustrating. It usually occurs at the worst time.  When it happens we immediately think of what may have caused it, recent guests, children or other recent work.  In most cases with the aid of our sewer video camera, we can say that a majority of clogged sewer mainlines is caused by tree roots growing in your sewer mainline. How does this happen? Is the tree strong enough to break a sewer line?  If you have a large tree that is lifting up sections of your concrete driveway, then yes.  Usually poor workmanship or other contractors hitting the sewer line unknown to you is the cause of roots in your sewer line.  As water is flowing through your sewer line, it leaks at a faulty joint or connection. In time the root system of nearby trees will find this water and when they do the roots will not stop until you either fix the pipe or remove the tree. If you decide to remove the tree, another will soon find it.

To keep costs down, we initially snake the clogged sewer line with a large cutter head to remove the roots, we then run our sewer camera to find the faulty joint. once the faulty joint has been found, we run an electronic locator to mark the spot in need of plumbing repair. In most cases the customer has some time to arrange for the plumbing repair. Our sewer machines do a fine job of cleaning sewer lines but cannot fix a broken pipe, the water will continue to leak so the roots will be back.  Most sewer line repairs will pay for themselves in time.

Clogged kitchen sinks, bathroom lavs, laundry lines and tubs.

Most clogged kitchen sink problems are due to the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is a great appliance but can cause problems down the line.  Ground up food creates an organic build up, combined with grease and food particles it can completely clog the kitchen sink line.

Bathroom lav and shower/tub clogs are usually caused by hair and soap residue. A majority of these clogs can be cleaned out without the aid of a sewer drain cleaning machine. The hair will get wrapped around the stopper portions of the lav sink, tub.

Laundry line clogs are usually soap residue and lint. Installing a mesh bag lint trap will prevent the lint from getting into the drain but does require the mesh bag being cleaned every so often. These clogs will require the aid of a professional drain cleaning machine.

If you are in need of clogged drain cleaning services in Fort Myers, Naples, Estero or Bonita Springs, Fl. Do not hesitate to call your local sewer and drain cleaning experts at Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain. We have the knowledge and equipment to quickly solve any sewer or drain issue. We are available 24 hours a day for those emergency plumbing situations.