It’s a cold morning.  You wake up, get in the shower, and turn the water on…the freezing cold water.  You wait and wait patiently (since your shower is unfortunately the furthest from the water heater) until you finally feel the warm water coming out of the shower head.  Wouldn’t it be your lucky day if hot water instantly came out the minute you turn the handle?  Well, this dream can become reality with the Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System.  As a local plumber in Naples, Fl, many of my customers call requesting information for a cheap, quick fix for how long it takes the hot water to get to their shower.  I completely understand the concern.  There was not a quick, cost effective answer to this common plumbing repair call until the Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System became available a few years ago.  This product will reduce the cost of fixing this problem in half, or more, depending on who you use for your plumbing services.

Water Heater Pump
The Watts Instant Hot Water Heater Recirculating System

The old way was labor intensive and costly.

In the past, the only way to get hot water instantly at all faucets was to install a recirculating loop from the furthest water source to the water heater; then install a pump on that line.  This would transfer the cold water from the loop and replace it with hot water from the water heater.  The problem with this is usually only very large homes would have a recirculating loop installed and is only cost effective while the home is being built.  Most people don’t realize they need it until after the home is built and occupied.  Installing a recirculating loop after a home is built can be very costly.  If you are building a new home, I still think adding a recirculating loop and pump is best.  This product is for the homeowner who would like to add a recirculating pump to an existing home.    This product does not require a recirculating loop amd is less expensive.

So how does it work?

The pump is installed on the hot water side of  water heaters.  It has a built in timer so you can set it to run at times you will need instant hot water or you can set it to run twenty-four seven.  The kit includes a thermal sensor valve.  This valve is installed under the sink of the furthest away bathroom from the water heater.  When the pump turns on, hot water is pumped from the water heater to the installed thermal sensor valve.  The sensor valve opens, allowing the cold water winthin the system to return to the water heater through the cold line.  The cold water is then replaced by hot water from the pump.  When the sensor valve reaches 98 degrees, it closes.  Basically, the thermal sensor valve allows us to use the existing cold water pipe as the recirculating loop back to the water heater.

Can this system end up paying for itself ?

Yes, in time this properly installed system should reduce the cost of your water bill.  Each home has roughly 125 feet of pipe.  This pipe holds roughly three gallons of water.  If the hot water is run five times a day, fifteen gallons of water is expelled to the drains without use waiting for the hot water to arrive.  In time, it could end up paying for itself through savings.

Benefits of adding this to your home.

  • Significant cost savings over adding a recirculating loop
  • The water is returned to the water heater, not wasted down the drain
  • No more waiting for hot water
  • Costs just five cents a day to operate

More information can be found on the manufacturers website at .  If the advantages of this system interest you or you would like a free estimate to install this system, please call Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain LLC.  We are a plumbing and drain service located in Southwest Florida. Our plumbers in Estero, FL cover Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, and San Carlos Park, FL. We also have an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day.