What is Dual Water supply and why might I want it for my Fort Myers or Naples Florida home?

Dual water is a second hose bib or faucet installed below the shut off valve for your Fort Myers or Naples home.  If you are a year round resident in Southwest Florida, you more than likely don’t need it.  Dual water allows swimming pool owners to shut the water off to their home and still leave a hose bib or faucet live for your swimming pool technician. Year round resident’s leave their water on so dual water is not cost effective. Seasonal residents should turn the water off to your home when you are away for extended periods. This reduces the possibility of a plumbing disaster.  For example,  a washer machine hose bursts and floods your home while you are away. You may have a home watch service that would catch this but the chances of catching it before it destroys your home are slim.  Now that we have agreed shutting off your water is a good idea, why can’t the swimming pool technician simply turn the water on to service the pool?  When your water is initially turned on, there is a higher possibility of something breaking or bursting. We plumbers refer to this as water hammer.  Water rushing through your pipes slams into turns of your piping and comes to a very abrupt stop when it reaches the end of the piping.  This sudden stop of water can make pipes rattle and flexible supply lines swell.  For this reason most plumbers prefer to turn the water on slowly and have a faucet or hose bib at the end of the system open when first pressurizing a home.  The amount of damage that could occur while your swimming pool tech is servicing your pool could be significant unknowing to him. They would simply shut the water off when done and leave your flooded home.

In this picture of a home in Naples, Florida. You can see our Naples plumber installed a new hose bib under a new ball valve shut off to the home. The upper hose bib is original and left to aid in the drain down of the house.

 In the picture above, you can see the swimming pool technician can fill your pool and perform his services without turning the water on to the home. The picture below shows this same Naples, Fl home before the dual water installation. The technician would have to turn the water on to use the existing hose bib.

This photo shows the original gate valve and hose bib above the valve. Gate valves are commonly installed for new construction because they are cheaper than 1/4 turn ball valves. Gate valves are known for breaking in the closed position after they reach the age of 10. Replace it before it puts you in an emergency plumbing situation.

 If dual water sounds like an upgrade you would like to have, don’t hesitate to call your local Fort Myers plumber, or Naples plumber  at Moen Brothers Plumbing and Drain. We are the honest, dependable and affordable Southwest Florida plumbers.