Whoosh!  Aren’t all toilets the same, capable of flushing down waste?  Walk inside your local home improvement store and you will discover there are more options in the toilet department than originally thought (a toilet is a toilet, right?).  Should you go with the cheapest one?  Maybe the middle of the road priced one?  Or should you upgrade to the king commode?

Your toilet will be used every day, several times a day.  There are some key features to look for when purchasing a toilet.  First, look for a larger trap way.  The trap way is the pathway your waste must follow to exit the toilet.  Cheaper toilets will have 1 7/8″ trap way, while better quality toilets will have 2 3/8″ or larger trap way.  The larger and smoother the trap way the easier it is for the waste to travel through the toilet.  Another feature to look for is a larger flush valve.  Standard size flush valves are 2″ in diameter.  Larger flush towers or flush valves are now 3″ or larger.  Toilets do not use as much water as they used to.  Toilets before 1994 use 3 1/2 gallons of water or more per flush.  They now use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.  A larger flush valve will allow more of this water to flush with your waste.  This in combination with a larger trap way will reduce clogging.  Finally, look for ADA, handicapped or chair height toilets, which is around three inches taller than your average toilet.  These toilets have become popular for the comfort and ease of accessibility.


This is a cross section view of a standard toilet.  It has a two inch flush valve and a normal flapper.  These toilets can range in price from $69 up to $199 at your local home improvement store.  This is the most common toilet us plumbers will run into today, so our trucks are fully stocked to repair these.

Kohler class 5

This is a picture of the tank of a Kohler Class 5.  This toilet has a three inch flush valve and a larger trap way than your standard toilet.   These toilets will cost more and the repair parts may not be on your plumber’s truck.  These toilets range from $199 and higher.


This is a picture of a pressure assisted toilet.  These toilets are loud, but virtually impossible to clog.  If you live in a condo or town home, you may want to exclude this toilet from your choices.  This toilet traps air in the water pressure inside the vessel and releases it, creating a loud, powerful flush.

Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain recommends the following toilets: the Toto Drake, the American Standard Champion, the Kohler Class 5, or the pressure assisted toilet.  If you are experiencing problems with your current standard toilet (like the top picture above), you can try thinner one ply toilet paper, like Angel Soft or Scott’s.  If you want to use the thicker Charmin or Double Quilted Northern, you may consider upgrading your toilet.  Please call your local Fort Myers or Naples plumber with any of your toilet repair questions or toilet installation needs.  Also, visit our Naples Toilet Repair & Installation page for more information on toilets and toilet clogs.