ank less water heaters are the new energy saving product. Since everyone wants one, everyone is selling one.  This is an article with some information you should consider before installing your tank less water heater. We have responded to countless Fort Myers emergency plumbing calls involving poorly installed tank less water heaters.  A majority of tank less water heater problems in Fort Myers and other areas can be traced back to improper installation. Protect yourself and property by hiring a licensed Fort Myers plumbing service provider familiar with the proper installation of a tank less water heater.  There are many things to consider before you decide to switch from conventional to tank less  These include proper sizing, electrical requirements,  current quality of water and proper installation.


Be sure to choose a model that can support the amount of hot water you require. If you have a two bathroom home, we recommend purchasing the unit rated for three bathrooms.  At some point you will have two showers and the laundry running at the same time. As with most new products, most new tank less water heaters are over rated by the manufacturer.


Most whole home tank less water heaters require a larger gauge (AWG) wiring and main breaker at the fuse box then your conventional water heater has.  In the warranty paper work supplied with the tank less water heater will be a form for a licensed Fort Myers plumber & electrician to sign with license numbers. Getting this signed will improve your chances of the manufacturer honoring the warranty.

Current quality of water

One common problem with tank less water heaters is scale build up inside the heat ex changer causing failure. Consider installing a carbon filter or whole house R.O. system to protect your new tank less water heater. Many of our Fort Myers plumbing service calls involve homes on well water. Some of these homes have a poor water quality. Correct any water quality issues before switching to tank less.

Proper installation 

Ensure your installer follows the manufacturers installation instructions. If your home is piped with cpvc, pex or similar material, install a pressure relief valve piped to the outside. If your thermostat fails to turn off at the desired temperature,  the pressure relief valve will open allowing the extra pressure to exit outside. We recently responded to a Fort Myers emergency plumbing call regarding a tank less water heater. Below is a picture of what can happen to your pipe when the thermostat fails and there is no pressure relief valve installed.

This pipe from a Fort Myers emergency plumbing call exploded due to a failed thermostat and no pressure relief valve installed by the previous Fort Myers plumbing contractor.