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The amazing sewer popper, $35.00 worth of sewer back up protection.

hose of you who have had a sewer back up may know the value of this product. This is the amazing sewer popper. During a mainline sewer back up, the top to this simply floats up letting the sewer water dump out into your yard, not your house.  Over the years as an emergency plumber, I have seen some horrible sewer overflows. I have literally walked into homes with 1 inch of sewer water covering the floors and carpets.

During a mainline sewage back-up, the sewage has nowhere to go.  The lines under your home begin to fill with sewage unknown to you. How does this happen?  A clog occurs in your mainline while the washer machine is draining. Your washer machine has a pump that pumps water weather it has somewhere to go or not.  It fills your clogged lines beneath your floor until it finally pours out of a low level shower.  Can this be avoided? Yes, during this exact same situation, a sewer popper installed on your mainline cleanout would have released the sewage in your yard. This product doesn’t prevent the problem, just limits the amount of damage.

You simply unscrew your current mainline sewer cleanout and screw this in its place, no plumber required. If the sewer backs-up, the top floats off relieving the pressure. This product is the Jones Stephens Corporations part number s62-304. It installs on 3 or 4 inch cleanouts. If your sewer never backs-up, it’s a waste of money, if your sewer backs-up, it’s priceless.