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Tree roots clogging your Fort Myers sewer or drain?

Can tree roots invade the plumbing of  Southwest Florida homes?

Yes, Tree roots can be devastating to the plumbing in Fort Myers homes.  These water seeking roots scour the ground looking for water from any source. Many times that source could be a leaking water line , sewer or drain. Once they find water, they invade your plumbing entering through small cracks. The plumbing pipes here in Southwest Florida are buried shallow, This makes it easier to damage a pipe with heavy vehicles or stakes supporting a tree. Palm roots grow mostly in the area of buried plumbing in Fort Myers. Having a properly sealed system is critical, If the pipes are leak free, the roots will simply grow around the pipes and not enter.

So how does this happen ? 

One common myth is that the roots crushed or broke your pipe. If you have large trees in your yard that are currently lifting up sections of your driveway, this is a real possibility. If not, chances are some poor workmanship or someone digging or probing in the yard is the cause of a broken,cracked sewer or drain line. Once the roots find this leaking pipe, calling your Fort Myers plumber will be a regular practice. The only permanent fix is to dig this section up and repair the cracked plumbing. We have large root cutting machines capable of clearing all the roots from your sewer line but they will be back. Usually 6 months to a year is the time frame after a proper sewer or drain cleaning.

Can I add anything to the sewer line to stunt the roots growth?

Copper Sulfate is a very effective root killer. It is available at your local home improvement stores for less than 20.00 dollars. It will usually be available in a tablet form and also a powdered form. Adding this to your sewer or drain line can buy you some extra time between root cuttings from your local Fort Myers plumber.

Here our sewer machine with a large cutter head has removed a ton of Palm roots from a home storm drainage system
Here our sewer machine with a large cutter head has removed a ton of Palm roots from a homes storm drainage system.

Do we have the equipment to solve Sewer and drain cleaning issue?

If you think you may have a root problem in your Fort Myers home or any plumbing, drainage issue.  Call us for a free estimate. We have many different sewer and drain cleaning machines capable of restoring your plumbing to working order. We also have sewer video camera inspection equipment to verify the problem and digital line locating equipment to find the exact spot for repair. Sewer and Drain Cleaning is an area of plumbing we specialize in. Our trucks come fully stocked to handle any sewer or drain cleaning issue in Fort Myers, Florida.