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Fast slab leak locating

Slab leak detection locating in Southwest Florida.

Do you hear the sound of water running but no water to be seen? Many of the homes here in Southwest Florida have the distribution piping installed under the homes slab. The hot and cold piping under the slab is usually piped with no fittings,  meaning the pipes are looped to different areas of the home. So if there are no fittings under the slab, how do I have a leak? A majority of leaks are caused by improper installation or improper back fill around the pipe. Small pinhole leaks form, this small pinhole leak can make a whistle or humming sound as it leaves the pipe.

We have the proper electronic leak detection equipment to find a pinhole leak under a homes foundation slab. After the slab leak has been found, we can quote you a reasonable price to repair or re-route the pipe. Moen Brothers Plumbing & Drain is a licensed and insured Florida plumbing contractor, protect yourself and property by hiring a licensed plumber with the proper equipment to resolve your issue.